Alternative Personal Finance, A Month Traveling, Then Planning To Move Abroad 🇪🇸

It’s going to be one heck of a 2024

Rocco Pendola


If you subscribe to receive notifications each time I publish a Medium article, you might have realized you’re not getting as many lately. I’m still writing here sporadically. Just not about money or my plans to move to Spain.

That’s all happening in my newsletter.

I hope today’s post prompts you to subscribe to my newsletter because I’ve never been more excited by how my writing connects to a new chapter of my life. Because that’s where it’s pretty much all happening and going to happen going forward.

That’s the thing about my newsletter: At 48 years old, I’m entering the second act of my life with full intention to make it every bit as physically and mentally vibrant and engaging as the first act. My goal is to make the Living The Semi-Retired Life newsletter my sole source of income within 5-to-7 years. And write it — with near daily posts — for the next 52 years (or so!).

The newsletter platform provides the ideal and most hospitable environment for my type of writing. Content that follows a journey with stories that build off of another. Think double album rather than one-hit wonder.

Reinventing yourself, seeking change, taking on new challenges — that’s the key to setting up a fun and exciting second act as you stare mid-life in the face. All of the content I write — whether it’s focused on money, travel, work, housing, cost of living or moving abroad relates back to Living The Semi-Retired Life. So, no matter your age, you can take what we’re doing in the newsletter and adapt and apply it to your life.

At the end of October, I gave free newsletter subscribers a preview of what they missed over the prior 10 days, along with a link to my rationale around making it a paid subscriber newsletter.

Today, we look ahead at what’s to come over the next few months through 2024.

This week I should be able to announce the major media organization I’m writing personal finance and investing articles for. I have written this type of content pretty consistently over my 15-year freelance writing career. I really enjoy it. And I recently…