After 3 Years Writing About Money On Medium, 3 Tips And 1 Takeaway

These aren’t hacks, quick fixes or a pitch for my self-help course

Rocco Pendola
6 min readMay 15


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By and large, I’m not a fan of articles about writing on Medium or Medium in general. From what I understand, Medium isn’t either. Yet, these types of articles proliferate the platform.

So I don’t write them anymore. And I rarely read them.

That said, this July marks my 48th birthday and third full year writing on Medium.

Because I have big plans for the second half of my life, I have been especially grateful for Medium lately. Thanks to the success I have seen on this platform, I have been able to shift my freelance writing business. From one where I work and write for other people (private clients) to one where I mostly write for myself (specifically, on the two best platforms online — Medium and Substack).

This shift to the closest thing a writer’s gonna get to self-employment will — if all goes as anticipated — facilitate the aforementioned big plans.

With this as a the backdrop, here are the pieces of advice I consider most important after writing pretty much day in and day out on Medium over the last three years.

Find a topic. Focus on it. Make it personal.

Some generalists do well on Medium and elsewhere. Though I think it’s an exception to the rule. The days are gone of newspaper columnists randomly scattershooting about whatever’s on their mind. It’s tough to enough to get people to care about one thing you’re writing about, let alone 100.

You don’t have to be an expert in this topic. But you have to, at the very least, live it to some degree.

Long story short, I have had an interest in the stock market since I was a child. So when it ended up that writing was my thing, I wrote about the stock market. For the better part of a decade (starting around 2008) I managed to carve out a nice career — writing freelance and as a full-time employee — doing this.

When the pandemic hit I was doing something entirely different.

During this time, I decided to end my hiatus from writing. However, I was done writing about the same…