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Old measures of financial success and preparedness no longer apply

Photo by Yoav Aziz on Unsplash

If you believe everything you read in the mainstream financial and popular media, you’d think we live in a society of feast or famine.

People are either doing incredibly well or horribly shitty.

You’re either a meme stock or cryptocurrency millionaire or you’re struggling to survive.

If you’re one of…

When you become a homeowner, your money situation doesn’t stay the same

Source: Author / Somewhere in Cleveland / September 2022

If you’re a proud renter, it’s not that homeowners annoy you.

That would be dumb.

It’s overzealous homeowners and homeowners who ignore nuance, reality on the ground, and the circumstances of individual-level personal finance.

The homeowners who ask you every time they see you — when are you going to…

The new money goal isn’t saving a million dollars. It’s semi-retirement.

Source: Author / Manhattan Beach, California / 01–18–2022

The days of struggling to save $1 million are long gone.

Thank goodness.

How many people had to try and fail before we came to our collective senses?

The new money goal — semi-retirement.

It’s a concept we have been discussing around here for at least a year.

It would be to mitigate what scares me most about the future

Source: Author / Buffalo’s Elmwood Village

No matter your age, your retirement probably will not progress along the traditional path.

If you read mainstream personal finance headlines, it’s ironic.

Three narratives dominate.

You retired early, either because you fell into a shitload of money recently or because the pandemic made you rethink the meaning of life.

Renting continues to look super attractive when you run the numbers on the cost of housing and living

Source: Author / Somewhere in Los Angeles

Here’s a controversial statement —

I live in California. And I love California.

Here’s blatantly obvious statement —

I will never be able to afford a home in California. Especially in the parts of the state where I’d actually live.

However, it’s not just Los Angeles and San Francisco that…

5 reasons why you should not chase gigs on LinkedIn, UpWork, and social media

Photo by Shirota Yuri on Unsplash

LinkedIn. UpWork. Instagram. Twitter.

I’m on all the different platforms.

For the longest time, I spent an inordinate amount of time chasing work on these platforms, mostly on the first two. I also used to respond to nearly every offer for work and request to collaborate.

Then, I recalled one…

Even if we’re doing well with money, we’re just trying to get by

Photo by Danilo Rios on Unsplash

We don’t write money articles for poor people.

In an October, 2021, Medium article, we discussed this, using the neighborhood where I rent my $1,342/month apartment, as illustration.

There’s an article trending on CNBC, written by a Harvard-trained economist, that further drives home the point.

We don’t write money articles…

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