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I write about doing life and personal finance, focusing on the psychology of our relationships with other people and money. I’m anti-guru, pro-empowerment.

Here’s their formula to living — and living well — at 73 and 86 years old

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It’s quite comical, actually.

The two people in the world who probably know (and care) the least about the stock market bucking the trend of old ass people living in relative squalor because they didn’t effectively position themselves for retirement.

As I look to bolster my case for banishing the…

Hopefully my experience can save you time and stress

Source: Author / Lake Arrowhead, CA (Not Taylor Swift’s Folklore Cover Art!)

I decided to count the other day.

Since I started my freelance writing career roughly ten years ago, I have published more than 1,500 articles. Probably quite few more, but we’ll settle on 1,500 for the sake of argument and efficiency. …

Somebody’s going to have a problem with their idea

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I’m as sick of the inane and often condescending stop spending $5 a day on a latte articles as you probably are.

So much so that I made a silent pledge to never write on the subject again.

Then this happened —

Freelance media isn’t a democracy or an egalitarian society

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If you enjoy this article, you can help support my small role in the creator economy by subscribing to Medium through my profile.

And with that necessary evil of doing business, let’s discuss why the so-called creator economy is such a mess.

I enjoy Juliet Collados’s writing so this is…

We live in a world where we think money should be easy

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The national media appears obsessed with the shoplifting situation in San Francisco.

It’s — apparently — so bad that Walgreens plans to close five stores in The City next month.

We should acknowledge that some people — particularly government officials in San Francisco — think there’s more to the story

There’s nothing wrong with doing it the way your parents did

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Context means everything in life, particularly with money.

You can write one hell of an article, however if it lacks context, it stops at being a really good personal essay.

Case in point.

This solid story Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi published the other day on Medium:

The way they live doesn’t work for most of us

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The other day I almost jumped the reaction gun on an article I was reading.

Here’s the headline —

There’s a nearly surefire way most of us can get there

Source: Author’s Girlfriend

If you preach a low cost of living, people often assume you’re frugal.

This is a sensible assumption to make. However, it isn’t always true.

Many of us who advocate and adhere to a low cost of living do so not to retire early, but so we can spend money…

Saying it’s simple is actually quite offensive

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Driving a few months ago, my daughter and I heard something curious on the radio.

It made us both furious.

The disc jockey referenced how some people experienced mental health struggles during the pandemic. True, and fair enough.

She went on to point out what a beautiful day it was…

4 reasons why I’m only mildly concerned about my income tanking

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Leaving Detroit a few weeks ago, my girlfriend and I experienced what I reckon qualifies as some pretty bad turbulence.

With storms in the area at takeoff, the plane got tossed around quite a bit.

That’s never fun.

I’m not ashamed to admit I held on tight to my girlfriend’s…

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