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Even if we’re doing well with money, we’re just trying to get by

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We don’t write money articles for poor people.

In an October, 2021, Medium article, we discussed this, using the neighborhood where I rent my $1,342/month apartment, as illustration.

There’s an article trending on CNBC, written by a Harvard-trained economist, that further drives home the point.

We don’t write money articles…

What to watch out for when consuming personal financial media

Source: Author / Mt. Baldy, California

I had a pleasant exchange with Medium contributor Erik Bassett in response to an article where I referred to some mainstream money articles as scams.

Erik made a good point, so it makes sense to clarify my position.

Don’t fall for one of the biggest traps in personal finance

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If my girlfriend and I win the lottery — or otherwise fall into an obscene amount of money — we’re going to own homes in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Manhattan, and a yet-to-be-determined European city.

If you’re of modest means, you probably fantasize likewise. It’s fun.

For many of us…

The difference between justification and intention in spending

Source: Author / I made this $14 cocktail

Money writers put up so many unrealistic and flat out dumb fronts.

Quite often around spending.

They love to talk about good debt or spending money to make money. In their outdated mind’s eye, this is justifiable spending.

But bring up that $14 cocktail you downed the other night or…

The millennial generation and digital nomads deserve credit

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I’m big into following bread crumbs to spot trends.

For example, I have this theory that, within the next 5 to 15 years, the core of metro Los Angeles, from West Hollywood to Downtown, will look a lot like Manhattan. Maybe San Francisco works as a better example. Whatever.


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