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Hopefully my experience can save you time and stress

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I decided to count the other day.

Since I started my freelance writing career roughly ten years ago, I have published more than 1,500 articles. Probably quite few more, but we’ll settle on 1,500 for the sake of argument and efficiency. …

Here’s their formula to living — and living well — at 73 and 86 years old

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It’s quite comical, actually.

The two people in the world who probably know (and care) the least about the stock market bucking the trend of old ass people living in relative squalor because they didn’t effectively position themselves for retirement.

As I look to bolster my case for banishing the…

The longer you do what they tell you, the worse it’ll get

Source: Scott Penner, CC BY-SA 2.0, Wikimedia Commons

We’ll keep going back to this list I included in a couple of my recent Medium articles.

Because this list represents what holds so many of us back financially.

It holds us back not because what’s inside of us, but because of what they put inside of us.

Cue Rage…

There’s always gonna be anxiety and uncertainty around money

Source: Author / Sunset Boulevard, Silver Lake, Los Angeles

I do a lot of my writing in coffee shops, one in particular.

A place in what we used to call a hipster Los Angeles neighborhood. Now it’s just a post-gentrification enclave, populated by a diverse set of people culled from a narrow spectrum of privileged backgrounds and experiences.


An alternative for those of who can’t budget conventionally

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Personal finance gurus and hacks (often one in the same) treat budgeting like they treat planning for traditional retirement.

They take a collective problem — basically a societal one — and reduce it to individual level failure.

They do it with the traditional retirement crisis. …

This is why you need methodical personal finance strategies

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Feels weird to say. As if it makes no sense.

However, I’ve lived it. Maybe you have lived it too.

Having too much cash on hand — in your checking and savings accounts — can lead to significant money problems.

For example, consider something I wrote in the most recent…

We have nobody to blame but ourselves

Photo by J. Balla Photography on Unsplash

I’m not sure we’re ready to abandon the 40-hour work week. At least not to the point where it becomes the norm. Even among the self-employed.

It’ll likely take another generation or two, if we’re ever gonna become a culture where work takes its proper place in society and our…

Ignore money’s buzzwords to discover what most of us crave

Source: Author / To Downtown Los Angeles From Griffith Park

Buzzwords abound in these articles. Personal financial platitudes.

These catchphrases tend to do more harm than good for everyday people just trying to make the most of the relatively modest money they earn and save.

So I want to focus on something new or, at the very least, different from…

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